suitable sustanability investments for institutional investors

How do institutional investors find the right investment products quickly and efficiently? And what is actually right? Here, the focus is usually on internal investment guidelines, risk requirements and sustainability orientation. Often a complex structure. What must an investment product look like that fits in here?


 This is where we come in. We define the specific investment focus in detailed discussions with investors and use this "roadmap" to identify suitable investments. We are often able to adapt the structure of an investment to the needs of the institutional investor.

We will be happy to work with you to develop a search profile for your ideal investments and present you with interesting investment opportunities that suit you. Please contact us.

current projects

solarparks in the usa

The project initiator is developing a series of large solar park projects in the USA. As European Coordinator, SDG INVESTMENTS is the contact for European institutional investors.


USD 600,000,000

Project coordinator

Lars Hunsche, Managing Partner